Long Time No Update?

Wow... such a long time without an update.. oh my god.. lol.. well busy lah.. working in my new job and so tired when I come back home that I cannot be bothered to update website.. lol.. erm what has happened during the last time I updated... well... Liverpool won the European Championship... Amazing game... I think everyone knew what happened by now.. coming back from 3 nill down was amazing... cannot believe it...

What else happened.. erm I updated my home computer now with a AMD 2400+ with 512 of PC3200 RAM and a nVidia Geforce 3.. and the computer works a treat now... ok I still have some problems... like sometimes I on the computer the Bios doesn't load up so nothing is done until I reset the computer and some reading that I am exceeding the Voltage... but at least I have sound... it took me 2 days to figure out why I wasn't working... but thanks to Kiet... he asked me to check the Bios... which I actually did a couple of hours prior.. but then found the audio hardware disable... lol... but the other two problems I need to figure out... lol... ANTONY.. WHERE ARE U!!! lol

Erm.. what else.. erm cannot think.. so I say goodbye for now...


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