I heard this poem yesterday on a tv programme... and I thought it was an absolute gem.. but I just found out today that it is the poem that most of us want to be sent to space... if we decide to try and make contact with aliens... well read for yourself and decide if it is worth enough to represent the whole of humanity...

Human Beings, by Adrian Mitchell

look at your hands
your beautiful useful hands
you're not an ape
you're not a parrot
you're not a slow loris
or a smart missile
you're human

not british
not american
not israeli
not palestinian
you're human

not catholic
not protestant
not muslim
not hindu
you're human

we all start human
we end up human
human first
human last
we're human
or we're nothing

nothing but bombs
and poison gas
nothing but guns
and torturers
nothing but slaves
of Greed and War
if we're not human

look at your body
with its amazing systems
of nerve-wires and blood canals
think about your mind
which can think about itself
and the whole universe

look at your face
which can freeze into horror
or melt into love
look at all that life
all that beauty
you're human
they are human
we are human
let's try to be human


Not bad eh!! Oh yeah.. photos.. well they are on my webserver now... over 250 photos.. but not yet added so you can't see them.. but I will do that pretty soon... the photos actually scared me a bit since after I did it... I was left with only 4MB worth of space on my webserver... but lucky enough I found some redundant data and was able to get another 15MB.. so on that front I was relieved...


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