Nothing to do...

Late now, and have nothing to do(actually... I do) so update my blog. Argh.. Liverpool lost today in the cup final against Chelsea. So disappointed since we took the lead and of all people, Steven Gerrard scored an own goal and brought Chelsea back in it and then Chelsea won it in Extra time. So I am not very happy.

What else, oh yeah doing my PR2 coursework (Programming Two) and I have made it too complicated man. It is at the moment 1400 lines of code and it is increasing... Argh I am going mad. Oh well, I still have one more week to get it done by, so hopefully I can do it :-)

Hmm... I should go to sleep now, I have classes at 10am and it is 1 in the morning. Argh... my stupid hair is wet(just had a shower), have to let it dry before I sleep... lol.


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