LSE must pay!!!

OH MY GOD. Last Friday, my University, King's College London was attack by LSE (London School of Economics). What happened was that LSE were having their annual "15 hours drinking day" and apparently, about 10 hours in or so, 200 LSE students thought, yeah lets go to King's and trash the place. Well that's what they did and caused £30,000 worth of damage. I haven't actually seen the damage but it happened in the English Department area, and I don't study English... so hehe. But I can't believe that happen. We should go over to LSE and give them one... lol.

What else to report on, nothing really, I have done all my homework for this semester and now it is down to revision, so I won't be updating this site as much. And also, I have been playing Pro Evolution 5 too much. I should stop playing it a bit, but it is so damm good man. I can't put it down. ARGH.

Also, I have added another book to my book section, so go look at it if you want to, and also, some one pointed out that there is an error on that page, but to be honest, I cannot be bothered to correct it, will do it after my exams... anyway, going now, so catch ya later!!!


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