Hi, haven't been updating this site much over the past few weeks. Just at the moment finding hard to make time for it. I started for the first time to start writing application forms for summer internships. To be honest, it is one of the most daunting things to do. Summer internships are probably one of the hardest things to get, and I also heard that it is much harder to get then finding work after you have your quailification. And I am spending a lot of time on this.. argh..

Also I have a marketing essay to finish and hehe, I haven't done much.. and I feel bad since this is a group project and I feel sorry for people in my team. But tomorrow I am gonna read what they have done and try to structure it, since so far I don't think it is nicely structured, since last week we finally understood the question. We have been working on this for 4-5 weeks and only now our lecture has really made it clear what the hell the question was.

If you haven't spotted the link on my MSN, please visit this site, It is a music video from this artist called, Nizlopi. Amazing video, and a bloody great song. Me Love, need to get the album now.. hehe..

Apart from this, I think I better get down to finishing this Morgan and Stanley application.. so cya later


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