Well... today is the day that people around the UK go out and decide who they want as the next man to rule the country, and I for one have already made my vote. I want the Lib Dems to win. Why might you ask, well... I want to be different... lol... no it is that they are a couple of issues. One is that the lib dems are not going to employ any tuition fees for anyone who wants to go to university and I see that as a great thing since I am going through uni now and I know the burden of loans that needs to be paid back. £1000+ for me a year is quite enough, god know about £6000+ a year that Labour is proposing... but actually their idea is quite good, but I don't want to go into it...

Another reason why I voted, and maybe not a very strong point, is that I want in future years to come we will have three parties that actually has a chance to be in power. At the moment it is 2, the Labour and conservative party. Liberal Democrats are too small, but hopefully they can capture around 100 seats, with labour falling a bit along with conservatives so that in 4 years time, they can challenge for government...

Anyway, I urge people to vote, since all your votes count... look at it this way... only around 60% of the people voted in 2001, if an extra 20% of the people vote, then that is an extra 10 million people voting, and the outcome of the election can change... so please go and vote since it can decide who will ruin our lives for the next 4 years.. lol

Argh... after saying that, I have wasted 10 minutes writing this crap, and I have to do some more work. I have my first exams in... 6 days!!! Starts on the 12th of May and I have to make sure I am prepared... lol... so expect little or no updates until the 17th May...(when my exams are finally over) lol...


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