Final week of first year...

The final week of my first year of uni is coming to an end. I can't believe how quickly it has flew by... but I still have exams to do... and today I found out that it starts on the 12th May 2005... 7 weeks and 1 day away. Oh well, at least that is more time to revise then we had for our Chirstmas exams.

I finally got the vacuum cleaner sorted out... and partly it was my fault, since I never emptied the bag... so the vacuum cleaner motor was put under stress... but who cares, got a new one, and it is even more S*** than the old one... oh well...

Also, I have been working on version 2 of this site, and I will be launching it soon... so keep a wide eye out for it

Going to a friend's birthday party tonight... so it should be fun... lol...


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