Hi everyone, been so cold here lately. On Friday, I saw it snow!!! It is November, it shouldn't be snowing now, it is way to early to be snowing. Oh well, global warming, but doesn't global warming mean the earth is getting hotter and not colder? So why is it getting so cold.. argh I don't know.. lol..

I have been so busy over the pass few weeks. I have so much work to do and it is getting too much. I just want to collapse and hide for a while and hope all the work goes away, but yeah right as if that is every going to happen. I not going to bore you on why I have been so busy, but you are probably getting bored at reading this.. oh well, I am not an interesting guy anyway.. hehe..

Erm what else have I got to say, come on Richard think... argh, I am too boring to write anything here... I just can't think about anything to say, I just decided to write something here since I wanted to rest before I start work again. BUSY BUSY BUSY. I promise the next update will be more interesting than this.. lol.. cya later.


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