Hey everybody... I stil haven't manage to get the photos up that I took form malaysia... but I promist that I will get them up as soon as possible... just that I have added another content to my page called the book section

The book section will contain some summaries on the books that I have read... mainly becuase I want to remember the book and how it felt to me at the time, but beware.. don't expect good reviews since the first two that I written are pretty bad... lol

So what have I done in the past week apart from reading books.. well I started my uni.. it isn't too bad but there were so boring... I can't believe how boring the lectures were... ARGH... oh well... management sounds interesting, since we have to pick a product, dissect it and show how it is marketed... ok doesn't sound all that good but come on what do I have to go on...

What else... oh yeah... lol.. I can hear again!!! Woohoo... when my ears were cleared my god, everything was so loud... I couldn't believe it man, things like washing my hands was hurting my ears, the water splashing was so loud... but now I have gotten use to it so that isn't too bad...

Erm.. I can't think of anything else, but check out that book section and tell me what you think about it in the shout box...


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