Great idea to prevent global warming

What a great idea to prevent global warming. Just contaminate petrol! That is what Tesco and other leading and influential retailers are doing. By filling your car at one of their flagship pumps, you can save the environment by filling your car up with petrol that will slowly deprive your car with the nutrients it needs and therefore starving your car to death...

Ok, what I am talking about is the petrol crisis that is happening at the moment. People who are not too familiar with the story, it is about an ingredient that petrol station around the country has added to their petrol to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. This ingredient has apparently done something to the cars that makes the car back fire and eventually stop working.

But think about it in a different way. What big companies like BP and Shell were trying to do in the first place was to try to lower carbon emissions by adding this so call ingredient. Well they have and spectacularly succeeded in doing so. By adding this ingredient you have not only lower carbon emissions, but completely abolish carbon emission by cars. By making this kind of petrol available to everyone in the country, you have just created the world best method of tackling pollution made by cars. Well the down side of this is that everyone will be stuck at home and we can't do anything, but who cares! Who says BP and Shell doesn't do anything for the environment eh!

Anyway.. we should get the full story about this soon.. but it is so funny that companies can stuff up so badly in this modern day of age where computers and machinery do all the work for us. It isn't like making petrol is a new thing isn't it. Probably our grandfathers were making it... says a lot about modern people eh... lol

I am talking such b*** s*** now... lol.. I think it is because today has been quite a productive day, and I am just trying to relax a bit by writing this crap...

Wow, today is the first day of spring, god how time flies. It feels like spring hasn't been away from us at all, well that is probably because of the hot winters we have been having... which is another reason for this great new ingredient to be added to petrol.. LOL.. ok I will stop now... LOL


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