Liverpool Rant!

I can’t believe what I am reading in today’s news papers. Well ok I am in India but reading on the website and reading that our manager Rafa Benitez is up for the sack and he will definitely be going in the next couple of days. I mean that is the most ludicrous thing I have heard. What the hell has Benitez done to deserve such speculation? I mean yes he did make a public out burst on the owners but the funny thing was is that he was exactly right and what he said had no lies. I mean when you want to buy top top class players you need to be able to identify the targets you want and try to close the deal as soon as possible. Yes the transfer windows opens up in January, but you still need to know whether or not you will have the funds in order to be able to purchase the players you want. Also, usually transfers in the modern day often occur before the January window. I just don’t understand what the American owners are on about. Benitez has live his entire life in Europe and he understand how the system works, but the Americans have only been here 8 months and they just don’t understand the situation and the going ons in the world of football. I mean it is not like Benitez is not doing well in the league. If Liverpool wins their game in hand, they will go second and right in there challenging for the title. Ok champions league is now in our own hands, but we are still not out of that yet. If he gets sack, the whole world has gone mad. Anyway, I just needed to write about this since it is making me so mad.


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