In India!

Hello, and greetings from India. I have finally travelled 5000 miles or so to India to start my training in India. I arrived a good week and a bit ago. I didn't have time to update my website. I am tempted to say that I was busy, but that would be wrong.

To be honest, I just couldn't be bothered to update my site and also I am hardly in my room until around 11ish, so I am always too tired to update it. There are quite a lot of things to do in the evenings after classes, like football, badminton.. etc you get the picture, a lot of stuff.

Classes has been boring. We started off by having HR and soft skills training which is pretty pointless. Then we moved onto the technical training, and it is so boring. We have all been put into the slow track because they don't know how the UK syllables works. So they thought well put us all in the slow track.. hehehe... Anyway, it is boring, since the guy is explaining the same thing in like 4 different ways.

Also over the weekend, I went to Bangalore, which is a big city near the Infosys campus (3 hours drive away). I didn't enjoy it at all, since I was sick.. LOL.. So yeah didn't really do much.

Anyway, can't think of anything else, I am just updating my site for the sake of it... so yeah, catch you lot later.


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