New Anfield looks stunning

25th July 2007 at 11pm, Liverpool release photos of the new stadium that they are going to build, and it looks amazing! Just take a look at the photos below, just simple unique and so different to anything that is out there, just what Liverpool needs for its new home.

I just love the new Kop, picture 3. It looks so steep it is going to scare the living daylights out of the opposition. You will notice a lot of glass on the side of the building that you can look in, well that will be gone when Liverpool get the planning permission they need. They are going to start building with 60000 seats inside the stadium, but by the time it is open in 2010, Liverpool should have got there planning permission to build just under 80000 seats. It is going to be amazing. Just need to go up to Liverpool one day to see a match, actually I should make a trip up to see a game in the old stadium.


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