A quick rant from India!

I feel annoyed at the moment. My internet connection is so slow and I can't even youtube properly... Stupid Infosys not given us faster internet. And also Infosys have blocked the internet rights for me to upload stuff to my website, which means I can't load photos or update some pages on my site (which is in badly need to be updated, due to bugs in the code). Oh well, that means no photos for like 6 months sorry! Obviously I can update my blog, but that is because I wrote a script, so the blogs will not be effected thankfully.

Anyway, started the technical training now, but I think I mentioned that already. Quite tiring, but it is slow enough for me to switch off and have some micro breaks, so yeah it is good so far. Oh yeah, we have coffee breaks, and my god, the amount of sugar they put in the coffee is enough to supply the whole of the developing countries for a year. Seriously, it is soooooo sweat man. It makes me go a bit hyper for a while.. LOL... Anyway, back to the work, I have a test on Wednesday so I have to study hard for that and score good marks for it. :D

Anyway, it is late here, don't look at the time of this post, it is in British time, I am 4 and a half hours ahead over here and it has been a LONG day.. so night night.


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