Spammers... why are they such a pest eh? A week or two ago, some of you may have noticed that spammers were spamming my shoutbox. And as soon as one got in, I got an influx of them. Such a pain and because I didn't implemented any prevention measure, they were able to spam all they want. And when they were spamming, I didn't have time to counter it since I had my final year exams (which went quite well, more on it later) to complete, so I wasn't going to waste time to counter it. But now I get hardly any spammers because of my brilliant spamming prevention tool I have put in place.. WUAHAHAHA eat that stupid F****** spammers!!!

I do get some spammers, but I don't mind now... one or two can easily be dealt with, but I haven't been attack for over 36 hours now, so I am happy.

Yeah, last week I sat my last exam, all of them went well I guess and now waiting to see what I get from them. Hopefully it is pointing towards a first class.. HEHE...

I have accepted the job at Infosys and will be working in India for 6 months.. WOOHOO... the pay isn't that great, but I am looking forward to it since there is so much things to do over in India since they have their own purpose built campus to train their employees.

Erm what else to say.. well nothing much now... this update is just to get myself into the blogging again... so hopefully more updates to come...


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