Whaa, so many injections...

A requirement for me going to India for six months for my new job at Infosys is that I have to have lots of injections. Yesterday I went to get them done, and already knowing I need to get immunised for hepatitis and all that crap, I thought that they would just administer one injection and be done with it. Well of course I was wrong and it looks like I will have around 5 injection to have. The hepatitis A and B I would need 3 lots of injection at day 0, 7 and 21 and then the rest will be single dosage. But I hate it that I had to have the injection on my right arm since it hurts when you lift your arm up and I hate it and don't like to be in any kind of pain.. LOL..

What else, yeah, I have to get my visa done now for my trip to india. I heard the Indian Embassy is one of the most busiest embassy in London, so I am not looking forward to go and apply for my visa.. hmm.. oh well.. that will waste one day.

Also, I hate the government... ok, my post is a bit disjointed today, but I can't be bothered to link it all together. Right, back to topic, the reason why i hate the government, is that our student loan will now have its interest increase to 4.8% instead of its inflationary interest rate. I mean Noooooooo.... I have been earning money from the government for putting my loan money in a high savings account and now the government wants to hike it up so that I can't earn money from them.. Damm you government, Tony Blair I bet has done this just to stuff up us younger kids, just because we are younger and have our life to live you have to punish us... Why don't you punish the Scotts, they get free uni fees, more NHS drugs and so on... Bloody Government....


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