Why weaken encryption is not the discussion we should have

Apple vs. the FBI case has had a lot of media attention and a lot of stories has been written where we should have back doors in place to allow law enforcement access to data.

We all know that back doors are not the solution as bad actors can easily exploit this. We cannot weaken encryption as it is Math and you cannot weaken math. It's like saying 2 + 2 = 4, but only sometimes.

Steve Gibson has came up with a way to achieve the same level of security but at the same time not compromising security where bad actors can exploit (shared link). It isn't full proof as now someone else holds a secondary key but it does not inherently weaken security on a phone.

But the real discussion should be; should a search warrant allow law enforcement access to our data on phones in the same way as it allows access to our homes? That is what we should be discussing.



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