C.Y.P.O - New Android app from me

C.Y.P.O - New Android app from me

Finally got this app out of the door. It was actually more or less finished last March (2015) and I have been putting it off for 9 months to release it.

C.Y.P.O stands for check your phone often and basically it just checks and monitors how many times you turn your phone on. The main reason I developed the app is because I wanted to try out Android Wear development and see what can be done. This does have an Android wear component and it tells you the last time you checked your watch and how often you have checked your watch.

Follow the below link to install it

Want to see how it is made, link below to the GitHub repo
from Google+ https://plus.google.com/+RichardTan/posts/KNzmwwLFQZv via IFTTT


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