Thanks +E John Feig for this video on Android Wear data syncing

Thanks +E John Feig for this video on Android Wear data syncing

I haven't got much time as I don't develop as part of my job and I am building a wear app where I need to start sending data from wear to the phone. This video gives a good overview of what needs to be implement.

I use an SQLite Database on my mobile app, and I need a similar structure on the wear device so I can keep track of a certain activity. I was always thinking if I insert or update things to the wear DB how I would keep that in sync and transfer the data back to the Mobile app.

But listening to this video I think I can get away from having a SQLite Database on wear and send a DataItem with what I need to the phone and use the DataMap.putDataMap(String key, DataMap value) method to define all the key value pairs needed to update/insert the data on the mobile phone.

Also I need to think how often I need to send data, maybe I will put an Alarm to ping every 30 minutes or something as it is not important to keep syncing the data.

Thanks again for the awesome video!

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