Oh Lollipop, you are so buggy, sort it out +Android team

Oh Lollipop, you are so buggy, sort it out +Android team

So this happened to my phone yesterday... you can see the icons and widgets on the launcher has gone transparent. Even the Google Now window to the left also went transparent. Think it is the Google Launcher causing the problem.

Also had the App Icons on the dock completely disappeared. Only a reboot of the device would sort it out both problems

Also as reported by many users, the device gets extremely slow. Again only a reboot sorts it out.

There is definitely a memory leak somewhere on the device and I suspect the kernel is not optimised... The sooner the kernel gets to the main branch of the Linux Kernel the better!!!

Also Lollipop has broken or disable features.

Lollipop - Unable to restart music via headphone remote button

Lollipop breaks data toggle on Widgets
This one actually breaks tasker apps that switches data off based on timer as well

Please star these defects as for an Open Source project, breaking or disabling features is a no-no!!!

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