The no. 1 feature I would want for Chrome OS is local passwords to login

The no. 1 feature I would want for Chrome OS is local passwords to login

With the recent leak of Gmail passwords to the web, the one thing I would love is the ability to set a different password that will only be tied to the Chrome OS device you are using.

At the moment I do use a very long password for Google which I memorise, but I also use a password management tool, lastpass to make sure I create very long and complicated passwords. The problem is for a Google account not everyone is like me and remembers a very long password because you need it to log into your Chrome OS device.

I would like when you first log on to a new Chrome OS device that it gives you the ability for that particular Chrome OS device to set a local OS password that only the device knows. Then the next time you log on, you can either use your Google password or the local password you have given to that device. This means I can continue to use LastPass and set really long passwords whenever I need to change my Google password.

Note: If people have not turned on 2 factor on their Google Account, please do!!!

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