Don't screw up +Motorola Mobility, +Lenovo!!! #Moto

Don't screw up +Motorola Mobility, +Lenovo!!! #Moto .

+The Verge has a brilliant article on Motorola new product line up, and it struck me how much Motorola has change in 2 years since +Google took over them. Their design has got so much better and concentrated on hardware and leave the main bulk of the software with people who knows what they are doing.

You can see the amount of effort that has gone into designing their product range and it can only be done if people are given the freedom to do what they think is best instead of hitting numbers.

Lenovo, please do not screw it up, you have something special here!!!

Rounding up: the blood, sweat, and tears behind Moto 360
I want a brown strap for the Moto 360, but there’s none available at launch. "Patience, grasshopper," Jim Wicks tells me, looking over a colorful sample book of leather swatches.

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