Solar Roadways is the new Concrete!

Solar Roadways is the new Concrete!

The potential of this is huge! Not only would we solve the environmental and energy crises, but it also provides things that we might need later that we have not thought off. I like the fact that each panel will be connected together not only mean that the system can tell if a solar panel would need to be replaced but more importantly we could run high speed internet through it.

I love the idea that it can be heated therefore no need for ice on the streets and I like the way it can also display different light patterns for road lines but also for informational messages on what's ahead.

Obviously there are challenges ahead to get this mass produced. This looks super expensive to produce and scale, plus making sure the glass is durable and ideal for road tires is a big safety concerns. But this is all solvable and with enough investment and funding this is achievable. I do think a company like Google should buy them out as they need a lot of money to get this off the ground.

It seems to be that this is the next big thing in construction and for me is a replacement for the good old concrete :)

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