Problems that a new iPhone 6 Resolution and Screen Size will cause

Problems that a new iPhone 6 Resolution and Screen Size will cause

Just reading some articles (9to5 linked) on the latest rumoured iPhone 6. It is said to be 4.7 inches at least which is brilliant. Anyone who worry about a screen being "too big" will soon forget it any love the real estate it gives you as many have found out on the Android platform.

The problem is with the Apps. The way iOS apps are developed is that they are built with scale in mind. When the original iPhone was released it had a 4:3 resolution screen at 480x320. When the retina came out they doubled the resolution to 960x640 but they kept from a developer point of view a 480x320 resolution, hence the more detail display. Also the screen size stayed the same at 3.5 inches.

When iPhone 5 came out, they increase the height of the display to 1136 and made the screen a 16:9 resolution. What this done to the old pre iPhone 5 apps was it cause black bars at the top and bottom of the phone as the apps were made to the 4:3 resolution. It was fixed eventually by developers updating their apps however this here is the inflexibility of developing for iOS.

Now if rumours are true and iPhone 6 will keep the same 16:9 resolution as iPhone 5 but increase the screensize to 4.7 inch (or maybe 5.5 inches) this letterbox effect we saw early with a 4:3 to 16:9 switch will not be apparent, you do get another problem

Because apps are developed to specific screen resolutions, in this case for iPhone it is developed to 568x320 for post iPhone 5 (2X of retina) it is built to the same dimension.

All iPhones have the same width of 51.60mm. The new iPhone 6 with an increase screen size of 4.7 inches will bump the width to around 60mm. If the target is still 51.60mm width then all a bigger iPhone does is make everything bigger. You basically gain no advantage of a bigger screen because everything is just blowing up bigger.

A bigger screen should allow more information to be displayed and that is what you won't get initially with the iPhone 6. That will need to be sorted when the new iPhone comes out with iOS 8. To some extent this is what happened to iPad mini with everything being too small as it scaled with the bigger iPad.

WWDC is next week and Apple needs to sort this out. They have to make it by default that everything should scale regardless of screen size. I think iOS7 moving towards vector graphics shows the direction they are moving towards but changing the fundamental way of building apps on a platform is going to be hard, especially something as crucial as the UI which was imbedded from the conception of the iPhone

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