How the #NSA could be using #prism - Must Watch!!!

Watch from around 57 minutes in for around 30 minutes

+Steve Gibson from Security Now on the +TWiT Network came up with a brilliant theory how the NSA is using PRISM. I was very sceptical about this when it came out. Technically from what I learnt and know it is very difficult for the NSA to have direct access to servers e.t.c. That’s why I always thought that no way that NSA had direct access to companies servers and what was leak could not be right...

Steve Gibson came out that the NSA are tapping the routing of the connection between the user (us) and companies like Google.

When you use the Internet and say you are doing a Google Search, your request must some how get to Google. So it needs to piggy back on other Servers to get there. It is how routing works. What Steve has suggested is the NSA are tapping the traffic that has been hopping across the network to get to Google.

Now, not all data can be seen. If your connection contains “https” then you cannot see anything (technically it can be cracked overtime so you want as high bits encryption as possible). However email (SMTP is unencrypted) and addresses location and senders are public. NSA could use both or at least see trends in where data is coming from and to who...

Watch the video, it will explain it better than me.

But after watching the video, I think the NSA could go beyond what was on the video.

The NSA could be hosting routing servers either near companies that they want to target or near tier 1 ISP’s. This means more than likely that traffic would have to cross into the NSA routing servers and the NSA could take a copy of it. This means the NSA do not need to go to ISP like AT&T or Verizon to demand them to send there data to them. Other Routing servers could just be sending it to the NSA without them knowing... 


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