Hangouts Annoyances on Mobile

A couple of things are just annoying me on both on Android and iOS Apps which needs fixing.

1. Missed Notification
This is a biggy for me. I have hangouts installed on two devices. Sometimes both rings out that a message has been received, sometimes only 1 and sometimes none. I know it is missing notification because when you launch the application the messages arrives.

Maybe what is most annoying is that on one of my devices, even though a message was sent to me and I can see it on another device, the message refuse to be displayed or sent to that device.

2. Make Online and Offline contacts easier to distinguish
This is easy, don’t have grey on the contact faces. Lets stick with Green and Red. Much easier on the eye and from our culture upbringing we know what it means.

3. Disable Swipe to Archive
In this situation it does not make sense to have swipe to archive. Most of the time you want to show your message and it is highly unlikely that you would want to archive them unless you have a secret lover who you do not want to know about.

Also it prevents accidental archiving of messages due to the horrible UI...

4. What’s with the UI
On tablets, not so much, but on phones it is horrible. I don’t know who is the UX designer for this but they need a kick up the backside.

First, what with the swipe from the right? I mean all the design languages coming out from Google is “swipe from the left”. Make the UX consistent between applications please so people can understand how to work with applications.

The little overlap visual to the other screen is nice. I always felt that something visible to the end user is needed to notify them that there is something there if you swipe. The problem is that I feel that it is used in the wrong place. It feels confused on what is the main focal point of the application. There should be a main activity that the user should concentrate on and the way the UI was designed feels a bit confused.

1. Always being read
When I send a message to an iOS user, automatically that user has read my message. That needs to be fixed soon because I always assume that the other person has read my message when in fact they have not.

2. Splash screen only in vertical and not landscape
Minor thing but needs being fixed.


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