This is why the Nexus 10 is important to Android

Android apps on Tablet sucks. It does not compare to the experience you get on the iPad. That's why in my opinion the Nexus 10 is so important.

Nexus 7 done wonders with getting Android serious in the Tablet market. Amazon, Flipboard and Skype now support Tablet size devices from late last year and that only came around with the success of the 7.

Developing Tablet apps is hard on the emulator. I don't know if others have trouble but when I increase the PPI and resolution on my computer I can never launch the emulator.

But all of the above is BS. Android apps work differently to iOS apps. Android apps can scale instead of iOS design philosophy of bitmap. This therefore means one app should be able to run on all screen sizes. Now if only we have a device that can simulate all possible screen-sizes... enter the Nexus 10!!!

Android Central - Use the Nexus 10 to simulate almost any Android device while testing your app


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