Anyone who knows someone on the Google Music Android App Team?

I get very horrible loud and very low sound volumes with the App. These are a mix between what I have uploaded to Google Music and also paid Music from them.

All the music I have uploaded/matched are levelled at 89 Db using MP3Gain so that when I listen on my older devices it all has the same level.

When I listen to my music again both paid and uploaded to Google Music, the Google Web player somehow knows what the levels are and they are all the same volume. However when you play it on the Android app you get a wide variety of levels and what is worse one album has so many different levels it is unreal.

Am I the only one who gets this experience? If not I think this needs to be fixed because on the Web Player it is absolutely fine...

There is also a safety aspect as well as if one song is very soft and then the next song is suddenly loud, your ears won't like it ;)

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