Everyone should use Google Photos! Even for the sake of never losing a photo

Everyone should use Google Photos! Even for the sake of never losing a photo

Unlimited storage for backups? Check
Great editing tools? Check
Easy to share? Check
Little touch of magic to enhance your photos? Check

Google Photos should be used by everyone! It is a awesome utility that no other service offers, and best of all it is free!!!

However as with anything, things can be improved, here are some of the things I would like to be added to the platform.

Richard Tan originally shared:
Feature Request

+Google Photos 

TL:DR - please read the few points below, I think that will be game changing...

Been using the product for a few days and some things I want added back in plus some new interesting features

1. Auto Enhance every photo
This seems to be removed, I like how the old system did everything photo automatically. Seems like it has been removed. You have the code so why not add it back in :)

2. Assistent should be more proactive
What I mean by this is that all new little bits of magic created should automatically be added to the collection. It should not be a user action to save it.

This assistant should be served as what Google has done, not what it has done and then requires a user interaction to keep it.

3. Bring back highlights
This was an awesome feature that helped you just pick out some of the photos (took out some duplicates as well) from so many. Information is overwhelming and having something to have that filter some of the noise out will be helpful. You have the code, just put it back in :)

4. NEW REQUEST - More power given to links
I have been using the link sharing feature which is brilliant. Some things missing is to change the link's title so it is easier to know what they are and also a section that shows what links you have added to your library.

5. Hangouts storage
I would like to have photos shared in hangouts automatically uploaded to Google Photos. When handouts was introduced, it was auto saving the photos but I think last year this was taken out. Not sure why, and again you have the code so just put it back in.

6. Keep the backup folders
It would be cool to have the some of the folder preserved when uploading from the phone i.e. I have a Nexus 5 and I am syncing the camera, whatsapp pictures and whatsapp videos.

It would be good if I have a section that has
 - Nexus 5 Camera
 - Nexus 5 WhatsApp Picture
 - Nexus 5 WhatsApp Video
 - Tablet Camera e.t.c....

7. Web interface missing features
Missing features that the Mobile Apps have. Easy fix I am sure will roll out in the next few weeks/months.

8. NEW FEATURE - Instagram competitor
As the title says, this is screaming out as an instagram competitor. Google knows there is the need for a Stream. But create a place to share high quality images you have a killer on your hands

9. NEW FEATURE - Have a sharing album
I thought about this idea in 2011 and I wanted to build an app for it and I remember seeing Google I/O in 2011 (or 2012 I forgot) the party feature in Google+ that allows users to contribute photos to an event when my heart sank as Google stole the idea right off me. This party feature never took off just because it is hard to get the message across of just how powerful this can be. Even a similar feature like dropbox (carousel) couldn't really promote it. (FYI I did start the project but after a few months did not pursue it as it quickly realised (including Google stealing my idea) it required a lot of work to think of the problems around it plus the insane processing and storage cost to get this working. I actually wanted to use Picasa Web to achieve this but yeah to was too much work and I have a full time job.)

I think Google has a shot at this. It already has a linking tool now, but just image you create an album that allows others to contribute to. It is hard to figure out who can share to it and who can view it (privacy) but I am sure Google can solve it. Just imagine going to a party and having everyone's photos from that party in one place. Then using stories, movies and even the highlights feature you can easily create a perfect montage to that event with 100s of photos from so many people plus adding a social element to it for commenting e.t.c.

Anyway those are thoughts that will really push Google Photo to the next level.

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