What was missing at I/O? Non-Developers stuff!!!

What was missing at I/O? Non-Developers stuff!!!

I have read a couple of these articles on what was missing at Google’s Developers Conference and most are saying Google+ was missing, Hangouts was missing and where are the Nexus Devices. It all lead to why they were missing? Are Google killing them off. Well, no they are not. It is because Google had nothing to announce for Developers

This years keynote differs a lot from other key notes. No one jumping out of planes and not many new devices apart from Cardboard. This is good and I hope that I/O continues as announcements for products should be kept separate.

This year was all about Android and creating a platform for Android. Android is no longer a Mobile OS, it is a platform to create things on. It feels to me, you build one app, do it well and it can be installed on your watch, your car and your TV. It is brilliant and makes sense. The keynotes told developers what they can do on their apps and how by making a few tweaks will make it work everywhere and have a consistent look. More eyes, more money!

Now what about Google+, the social ghost town network. Why was there no announcements? Well Google+ is a closed platform is it not? Take a look at the API, you can read stuff but you can’t do anything else. The only write API are Moments and that is pretty much the only thing you can write to Google+. If Google had already taken the decision (last year) that it is closed then why announce new features to the platform at a keynote for developers for things developers cannot contribute to...

What makes Google+ so good is the quality of post, and it is because Google Controls it. If Google was going to create a bunch of API’s for Google+ then yeah they will show it off. But no they did not, hence why there was only one session on Google Identity, a sub component of Google+.

Same thing with Hangouts. Everyone expected Hangouts to be integrated to Google Voice and that we should seen an announcement. However nothing was announced and if you think about it the new integration will require Zero support from developers.

Hangouts killed Google’s Talk XMPP which means it is no longer using an open standard that developers can use, and now Google Voice disable 3rd support, again discouraging developer work.

Same things for Google X products like Cars, Glass, Loon e.t.c. Developers again cannot contribute to the platform that is not ready for prime time so why show anything off? Nexus devices only gets release when the next version of Android is ready to ship and the “L” release (I want a desert name) is definitely not prime time.

What I will take away from I/O this year is Google has for its conference kept developers and partners at the forefront of their minds. By release the developer preview of the next Android will allow OEM partners or potential partners to know exactly the direction Google is going to take Android to, which should mean that when “L” is release that everyone can release or update their devices at the same time. It also means developers can now start to plan what they will need to do with their apps, especially with Material Design UX language and the whole new Android Ecosystem.

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