You got to say in this instant, Microsoft were smart

A few months ago there were lots of complaints from M$ that they were not able to build a YouTube app for windows 8. The API's were not available and Google refused to make one. What did M$ do, make one based on RSS feeds from knowing full well that it will violate YouTube's terms of service.

So because it violates the terms of service, Google asked it to take it down and ask M$ to take the app down.

You would just say, well M$ just go and make it compliant. But Google does not open the API's to make it compliant. So what does M$ do? They are stuck right? No they just used Google's Larry Page speech at IO last week.

Larry Page was quoted saying they wish all companies will work together. Microsoft used this and said back to Google, well you want everyone to work together, but you don't allow us to do so. So Google being Google has now said well we can work with you on the YouTube app.

Microsoft played Google in my opinion to get access to the necessary API's for YouTube. In my opinion I have to say, Well done!


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