Can Google Glass make driving safer?

Interesting article from Wired on what types of application can be used on Glass in a car. It actually makes a whole bunch of sense as it is quicker to glance and talk to a heads up display then to poke at a smart phone.

Also what is interesting is that it could potentially tell whether or not you have fallen asleep at the wheel as it could detect if you are looking at the road or not...

I can think where Glass could make driver less safe but if you think a bit more on its applications it could be the opposite.
Sarah Price originally shared this post:
My dad recently witnessed a car accident where the driver of the vehicle in front of him fell asleep and crashed. The driver (a young man) didn't survive.

Even if it's not tomorrow, next week, or next month, I'm so excited for the potential for technology like Glass to make people's lives better. I'm glad people are thinking about these things.

From the article: "And what about the safety? Glass has a built-in accelerometer that allows you to tilt your head up or down to scroll through menus and lists. What if that same accelerometer was used to detect a drowsy driver? [...] With something mounted directly to your head, if you nod-off behind the wheel, Glass could react in milliseconds to sound an alarm through the built-in speaker."
Your Car Is the Killer App for Google Glass | Autopia | »
Everyone wants to know what Google Glass is good for. I've figured it out: It's the killer app for your car.


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