HTC One - First Look

Just seen some videos and here are my thoughts

Button Layout on the front
Not sure on this, looks quite awkward and feels uneven. Just get rid of the logo!!!

Speakers on the front
Brilliant, at last someone done this. Now all they have to do is have the ability to take calls from either sides of the phone, hopefully Google Motorola  do this.

As they say, more is not always better. But HTC has a huge problem to market this to consumer who thinks more means better!

How did I forget this the first time I posted. I love this idea. The fact that you can take a photo and then at the same time take a short video is awesome. It is like Vine, but it makes a lot more sense as you can add meaning behind some of the photo's you are taking. But who came up with the name? Was it from a HTC employee name Zoe??

Awesome ideal and can be your social/information hub on your phone. Have some Google Now, Email and SMS integration and wow you have something powerful. Looks Flipboard like though ;)

IR Blaster
Hmm... not sure on this. I have my own reservation on how smart TV's should work, but I guess it is a neat idea for a fancy remote control.

Looks to be a Brilliant phone, but will it sell? Branding has been HTC problem. Their communication has sucked over the pass few years. Will it be another HTC One X, I hope not because HTC makes fantastic phones and in my opinion was better than the S3. So my advise for HTC, go and hire some awesome marketing guys ;)


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