Five things that can improve Google+ Communities

Been using the new Communities feature in Google+ and I think it is brilliant. There is a lot more interaction and you can target your discussion to the right kind of people that will care about your post. But as always things can be improved. Here are my 5 things that I think can be done to improve Communities.

1. New Redesign of Google+

Google+ has seen some changes since the last redesign which introduced the infamous white space. We have seen new features like Local, Events and now Communities. These new features are brilliant, in this case back on topic Communities. But it does seem to me that features like Communities are not well integrated with the current design of Google+.

What do I mean by this? The first thing you see in Google+ is your stream. You don’t see your communities straight up. You have to click on the communities button to see what’s happening. The problem for me is that it feels like a secondary feature to Google+ and I don’t think that is fair for the new Communities feature. It should be just as important as your stream, as are Events which are also lower in priority.

Note: I don’t know why Local is in Google+ and it is obvious it should be in Maps, but this is a Communities post so I won’t touch on it here... maybe I post about it later if I am bored :)

Google Plus needs a redesign where it shows you information you want from your Stream, Events and Communities in one place. How to do this? That is tricky and if I could think of a way to do it I would probably be working for Google (it does not mean I don’t have ideas, just not smart ones).

2. What’s Hot in the Community

In large communities, you will notice that there are post after post and it does become increasingly hard to know what is going on. It also makes you feel that you have missed what has happened if you have been away from the Community for a period of time. What there should be is a “What’s Hot” topic where it will show the most +1 or the most interactive post over a certain period. I am a believer in people that choose the best quality post, therefore this feature will make sure the best quality post is seen by as many people as possible.

3. I keep spamming my Profile Stream???

If you are in a public community and you post something to it, it will automatically be shown in your profile stream. Why? Take for example this post. Go look at my profile, and if you are quick enough before I start posting something else you will see that I have 3 post all showing the exact same thing. 

But why do I have 3 post showing the same thing? Well I posted this to my Circles, I posted to the Google+ community and I also posted to the Google+ Update community. Three places where my post has gone to 3 separate groups having each a different reach, but for someone seeing my profile will probably be thinking I am spamming myself. And I think spamming yourself is just wrong :)

Note: I think you can do it in two post, one to your circles and one to multiple communities, but I just wanted to highlight the point

4. Post to circles as well

Sometimes when you are writing a post in the community you also think that it will be neat to also share to your circles. At the moment you cannot do that and what you have to do is copy and paste the post from community into your post for circle, or share the post from the community to your circle. This is just minor but for me it is still important.

5. Where is the mobile app?

Title is self explanatory... When you release a product make it available everywhere!


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