Back Home

I'm now back at home for my Christmas break now and will be here for at least 3 weeks. I got back on Saturday, but the trains were horrific. Before I left my accommodation, I looked at the necessary websites telling me information on the journey and any delays. They said that there were delays on the National Rail service, which I need to get home, but nothing on the tube, which I needed to use to get the National Rail Station. When I got the Waterloo Station, which is the closest station to my accommodation, I got my ticket and went to the correct tube line. When I got there, I saw on notice board that the train wasn't in fully operation due to engineering works. I ended up taking another route to get home, and it increased my travel time by 30 minutes. So that is a total of 2 hours to get home, even though it should have taken me 1 hour 30 minutes. I wasn't really that mad, but next year, all the ticket prices are going to go up, and to me, it isn't justified at all.

Oh well, today I am going to start my revision... nice holiday it is going to be.


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