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Hacking - Time to do something about it

There has been a lot of hacks happening recently, with Kickstart being the one in the news lately. But this got me thinking that I should do something as online identity can easily be compromised. We cannot do anything about these security breaches but we can do something about using strong passwords that are all different around the net and are not easily guessable.

I recently had someone in Poland that tried to hack into my dormant Yahoo! account, which lucky I had two factor authentication on so they could not get in. But with all the hacks recently and that having an identity online easily compromised I needed to do something about it.

I have been thinking about using LastPass for a few months/years and I do hear rave reviews for them but I always felt a bit scared if LastPass was compromised. After all these hacks I thought I better do some research and see what is so good about services like LastPass. After researching I finally switched to LastPass. Here are some reasons why.


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