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This could change gaming

What does the fox say?

Why can't all adverts be like this

Indoor GPS to lead to seemless retail transactions?

And why I disagree with Mike Elgan on the death of NFC.

I have thought about this for the past fews years where if it was possible to know where you are in the store you could potentially buy things without the need to actually walk up to the cashier and pay for the goods. Mike Elgan has written a brilliant article with Apple's iBeacon technology on how it can be used for indoor GPS and also payments. The only thing I disagree on is that it could kill NFC.

The only problem with bluetooth authorisation is if you have a lot of people in the store how do you know which person is which. You could have a token on your device that says you are customer no. XXX and you can show this to someone before you buy but it seems a bit of a hassle. What NFC allows is that when you do a physical tap to a receiving device at that particular time you know the two devices in question has talked to each other.

Just imagine you walked into a supermarket and each product on the shelves had an NFC tag. You …

This... Steve Jobs we miss you!

Darn, now anyone will know my pin

Geeks and Humororiginally shared: Numbers that are hard to forget

A New Breed of Chrome Apps

Has Google found a way to make software run everywhere???

I have said in the past that Chrome OS can be powerful platform and because Chrome is also a browser means that if you have Chrome you basically have Chrome OS which can be installed in most Operating Systems. But the only problem with Chrome OS is that the only thing you can do is run websites and not native applications. Well that is all about to change (well technically not really as this could have been done now in the past with some quirks) with the announcement of the "New Breed of Chrome Apps".

Taken from Chrome Blog, they have announced a full native experience for chrome apps that works offline, store data in the cloud or on local storage and take advantage of hardware of the computer like the graphics card and webcams. That sounds cool and new, but it isn't really that new. What is new is the native experience.

The native experience fr…

This is what you do to stop the Walkie Talkie from melting cars and buildings

So, walking pass the spot where the Jaguar car was melted in London this week and this is what I saw :)

Android 4.4 KitKat, confectionary perfection


Got to check this out tomorrow on my way to work