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This is why everyone should use Google+

Google "let's go caroling" and enjoy. #christmas

There is always one solution that always works


Matt Herbertoriginally shared to Doctor Who (Discussion): Oh for the day when Roy will be a companion...and Moss

In 10 years time I can see us living with robots

YouTube 2013

How to stop worrying

This is definitely me when code refactoring

Currency Converter Version 1.1.3 - Android App

Today I have released a new version of my Android Application Currency Converter. You will be able to find it by going to the below link and downloading it off Google Play.

This update fixed an issue with the converter failing to work due to iGoogle support. Google dropped support which basically broke my app :)

Also added the ability for backing up if you are using any third parties tools like Titanium Backup or Helium.

The latest code base has also been pushed to GitHub so you can have a look if you want to know how it is built or just interested to learn Android programming.

What if Mario and Pacman were in the same game

What if Mario and Pacman were in the same game Kanade Tachibanaoriginally shared to Funny (GIF Pictures): Go mario!!

Awesome gif

If it is now $0.10 for 1GB of storage, why don't we have extremely cheap cloud storage solution?

Doctor Who prequel

Hate the new YouTube comments system? Watch this

How does Quantum Computing works

Might be time for a new phone, Nexus 5

Will the Nexus 5 be unveiled tomorrow?

So who has just got their Google+ vanity URL?

Is it me or does the ear bud look kinda stupid

I want my vanity URL now, Google!

What happens when Phonebloks and Motorola comes together

First Trailer for the Doctor 50th

Hangouts for iOS can make and receive calls, Google Voice integration imminent?

Breaking News, Android 4.4 Nexus 5 hands on and drop test

Clash of Clans now available on Android

Phone 5S owner should see this video

Deserves a Reshare: Google Glass

This could change gaming

What does the fox say?

Why can't all adverts be like this

Indoor GPS to lead to seemless retail transactions?

And why I disagree with Mike Elgan on the death of NFC.

I have thought about this for the past fews years where if it was possible to know where you are in the store you could potentially buy things without the need to actually walk up to the cashier and pay for the goods. Mike Elgan has written a brilliant article with Apple's iBeacon technology on how it can be used for indoor GPS and also payments. The only thing I disagree on is that it could kill NFC.

The only problem with bluetooth authorisation is if you have a lot of people in the store how do you know which person is which. You could have a token on your device that says you are customer no. XXX and you can show this to someone before you buy but it seems a bit of a hassle. What NFC allows is that when you do a physical tap to a receiving device at that particular time you know the two devices in question has talked to each other.

Just imagine you walked into a supermarket and each product on the shelves had an NFC tag. You …

This... Steve Jobs we miss you!

Darn, now anyone will know my pin

Geeks and Humororiginally shared: Numbers that are hard to forget

A New Breed of Chrome Apps

Has Google found a way to make software run everywhere???

I have said in the past that Chrome OS can be powerful platform and because Chrome is also a browser means that if you have Chrome you basically have Chrome OS which can be installed in most Operating Systems. But the only problem with Chrome OS is that the only thing you can do is run websites and not native applications. Well that is all about to change (well technically not really as this could have been done now in the past with some quirks) with the announcement of the "New Breed of Chrome Apps".

Taken from Chrome Blog, they have announced a full native experience for chrome apps that works offline, store data in the cloud or on local storage and take advantage of hardware of the computer like the graphics card and webcams. That sounds cool and new, but it isn't really that new. What is new is the native experience.

The native experience fr…

This is what you do to stop the Walkie Talkie from melting cars and buildings

So, walking pass the spot where the Jaguar car was melted in London this week and this is what I saw :)

Android 4.4 KitKat, confectionary perfection


Got to check this out tomorrow on my way to work


Does Man City need to spend more money???

According to

Man City squad value: £390 Million
Cardiff City squad value: $43.5 Million

Result 3 - 2 Cardiff.

I think Man City needs to spend more money...

Image from the bbc

Feature request for Google Keep

There is one thing missing from the new update to Google Keep Android app and that is when you set a reminder in Google Now, I wish that the note was also applied to Google Keep.


Android UX: Should the "Up" button die???

Anyone who has the new YouTube app would know that it is an awesome update. The design is very nice with a multi-tasking ability to watch and search at the same time. However I want to talk about something else they have included and something that seems to be disappearing. This is the new Hamburger slide out menu and the "Up" button navigation.

As you can see from the picture above, the top left hand corner has three lines next to the new YouTube icon (Hamburger) and once pressed or swiped from the left reveals the navigation drawer. This is great as it feels right to have this icon and is now consistency with other Google's Android apps. But when you use the YouTube app you will notice that there isn't much references to the "Up" button at all within the application and even the "Up" button is missing when watching the videos. Is Google slowly moving away from it?

The "Up" button I have always thought was misleading as the arrow is poi…

Man this is great motivation when running :-)


This is what Google Glass was designed for


If the Moon were replaced with some of our planets

LOL, loving what Saturn will look like if it replaced the moon.

Let's get off to a winning start, Liverpool!!!

Can't wait for the start of the new Season, less than 3 hours to kick off and it is the perfect opportunity to get off to a winning start and top the league! Come on Liverpool!!!

Image Source: Getty Images

How to care for an introvert.

Bufferoriginally shared: How should you deal with introverts? Here are 12 quick tips to better care for them.

Check out the full post of "22 Quick Tips To Better Care for Introverts and Extroverts"


Moto X review from MKBHD

Marques is probably the best reviewer of tech at the moment and this is worth the watch to see how good or how bad the Moto X is.

As noted by Marques, the camera is not great. But looking at samples it definitely looks like it is software doing it. Don't understand why Google don't use some Nik Software aka Google+ auto awesome to help with the image processing... Maybe they forgot to include chip dedicated for taking photos which I am sure they can include in later versions. Marques Brownleeoriginally shared: New MKBHD Video is live! I worked for a quite a while on this one - hope you enjoy it!

Motorola Moto X Review!

Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

Brilliant YouTube easter egg for #geekweek

When you are watching a video, just type 1980 (not in the search bar, just type it on your keyboard) and you get to play a game. How cool is that :)

You have heard about the first lab grown meat... Hear from Sergey Brin on why he invested $330k on it.


One year ago (ok maybe 9 hours out but who's counting) this happened!!!

NASAoriginally shared: Around Washington, DC tomorrow & want to celebrate #1YearOnMars w/ NASA? Visit NASA HQ noon-1:30p ET for the Mars Curiosity Rover event:

This made me laugh

Pretty geeky but it is funny, took me some time to work out what 7 represent :-) Corina Marinescuoriginally shared to Mathematics (Videos/Pictures): Cute idea ;)

Brilliant Read :-)


Brilliant little piece from Jeff Jarvis on the Chromecast

Jeff Jarvisoriginally shared: Google just demoted your television set into a second screen, a slave to your phone or tablet or laptop. With the $35 Chromecast you can with one click move anything you find on your internet-connected device — YouTube video, Netflix, a web page as well as music and pictures and soon, I’d imagine, games — onto your big TV screen, bypassing your cable box and all its ridiculous and expensive limitations.

Unlike Apple TV and Airplay, this does not stream from your laptop to the TV; this streams directly to your TV — it’s plugged into an HDMI port — over wi-fi via the cloud … er, via Google, that is. Oh, and it works with Apple iOS devices, too.

I’m just beginning to get a grasp on all the implications. Here are some I see.

* Simply put, I’ll end up watching more internet content because it’s so easy now. According to today’s demonstration, as soon as I tell Chrome to move something to my TV, the Chromecast device will sense the command and take over the TV.…

Chromecast is the way Smart TV should have been designed from the start

Before Google I/O I wanted a couple of things to be announced and one of which is a new Nexus Q. I also hoped that the way it should work is more of a streaming device and connects everything you own. I can't be bothered to rewrite what I said but man they basically did everything I wanted them to do with the chromecast, and for $35 USD man it is so cheap.

If you are interested on what I wrote, check out the link below to my post and read point 4.


Richard Tan - Google+ - 5 things I would like to see at Google IO Lots of rumours…


Kina Grannisoriginally shared: if you haven't seen it yet, check out our "Cups" cover ft. Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, Alex G and myself!

Cups - Anna Kendrick Cover (Pitch Perfect) ft. Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider, Alex G & Sam Tsui

Congrats to Will and Kate for their new baby boy... Sure thought it was gonna be a girl though :-)

Google UKoriginally shared: It’s a Prince - sign the card & send your congratulations.

On behalf of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, +Clarence House  has announced the birth of their son, who was born today at 4.24pm BST in London.

Join us in marking this historic occasion - simply +1 this post from Google UK to add your profile picture and name to our special online card, which you can see at

To write a message to appear on the card, reshare this post and put your message in the text of your reshare. A printed version of the card will be presented to Kensington Palace.

We’ll be closing the card to new entries on 6th August, for more details visit

Is this the new Moto X?

Дима Прокопенкоoriginally shared to Android Authority (Phones): Motorola’s upcoming ‘Moto X’ (Rogers Exclusive)

21.49 5.6k run for #jpmorgancc run

And I came 3rd overall for RBS team. I am pretty happy with that :-) London

Getting ready for my 5.6km #jpmorgancc run

Just did a 6KM run in 23 minutes and 16 seconds in preparation for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in London on the 10th July. Aiming to beat 25 minutes 34 seconds I achieved last year. Hopefully this year I can get pass people in all that traffic :-)

The picture below is my running number and on the bottom right is a QR code which you guys can scan and see what time I really achieve.

How British and Americans accents sound like to each other...


Nice example of auto awesomeness from Mike Elgan

Mike Elganoriginally shared: Amira's paella!

This is why Google invented Auto-Awesome!

(Made by +Amira Elgan.)

Google Reader is no more!!!

Oh well today is the last day to export your feeds, so if you haven't done so go do it now. I am expecting an update to Google Currents now as Reader is dead, wonder if we see something soon....

I am definitely an introvert :-)


If you blend what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what would it taste like? +Chad Johnson finds out :-)


How the #NSA could be using #prism - Must Watch!!!

Watch from around 57 minutes in for around 30 minutes

+Steve Gibson from Security Now on the +TWiT Network came up with a brilliant theory how the NSA is using PRISM. I was very sceptical about this when it came out. Technically from what I learnt and know it is very difficult for the NSA to have direct access to servers e.t.c. That’s why I always thought that no way that NSA had direct access to companies servers and what was leak could not be right...

Steve Gibson came out that the NSA are tapping the routing of the connection between the user (us) and companies like Google.

When you use the Internet and say you are doing a Google Search, your request must some how get to Google. So it needs to piggy back on other Servers to get there. It is how routing works. What Steve has suggested is the NSA are tapping the traffic that has been hopping across the network to get to Google.

Now, not all data can be seen. If your connection contains “https” then you cannot s…