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Amazing - must watch


The Nexus 4 has arrived!!!


It is so good that people come up with things like this :)


This is just awesome!!!


Deserves a re-share. Why you should root your phone, thanks +XDA TV

Want some Advent Music for Christmas?

I have been following Matt, aka +ortoPilot for a couple of years now. For the past 3 years he has done this amazing Advent Calendar filled with music around Christmas time where he uploads a new video every day till the big day.

I highly recommend watching and listening to his music. Click on the link below and you can see Video's 1-17. If that is not enough, his back catalogue from 2011 and 2010 are easily available. If that is still not enough he also has more covers and original over at his page below:


ortoAdvent Calendar 2012 »

Yea it's finalised

I think it is time to see what cool things I can do with HTML and start building some apps ;)

HTML5 Definition Complete, W3C Moves to Interoperability Testing and Performance

Come on ladies, 1 pound fish... Very very good, very very cheap 1 pound fish... 6 for 5 pound, 1 pound fish


Oh Christmas Tree


Five things that can improve Google+ Communities

Been using the new Communities feature in Google+ and I think it is brilliant. There is a lot more interaction and you can target your discussion to the right kind of people that will care about your post. But as always things can be improved. Here are my 5 things that I think can be done to improve Communities.

1. New Redesign of Google+

Google+ has seen some changes since the last redesign which introduced the infamous white space. We have seen new features like Local, Events and now Communities. These new features are brilliant, in this case back on topic Communities. But it does seem to me that features like Communities are not well integrated with the current design of Google+.

What do I mean by this? The first thing you see in Google+ is your stream. You don’t see your communities straight up. You have to click on the communities button to see what’s happening. The problem for me is that it feels like a secondary feature to Google+ and I don’t think that is fair for the new Communi…

RIP Sir Patrick Moore

Look at this Instagram - How many of them have you done?

If you use Instagram, I wonder how many of you have done any of the below in the video.. HEHE...

Oh by the way, I have done none as I don't use Instagram :)

Liverpool through to the next round!

The most important thing is that we are through.. again we keep dominating games and we have to learn to finish teams off. We had enough chances and should have made it 2 or 3 nil because that last strike from Udinese could have easily gone in.

Pleased that Henderson scored though, will do him the world of good for his confidence!

Hendo strike sees Reds progress

First blast of snow in my area in the UK


OMG - finally been able to order my Nexus 4 16GB :) So happy right now!!!

£288.99 - Bloody shipping cost!
5-6 weeks to ship though :(

It's time to resurrect this Blogger and link it to Google+

Been a long time since the last post.

I have decided that the best use of Blogger is to link this back to my Google+ post. So apart from this post, all public post that I make on Google+ I will repost here to Blogger.

I think eventually due to all the Google unification, Blogger and Google+ will become one, but why not make a start of it now. And it gives me a better excuse to use my domain name a bit more!