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My trip to Mysore!

After over 4 weeks of no updates, I thought that I should at least make some sort of attempt to update this web blog, and I actually have a lot to write about now since I have been places.. hehe.. So yeah, I will start of with my adventures in Mysore that happened just over 3 weeks ago. So me and a couple of friends, or should I say work colleagues took a taxis and the first stop was Mysore Palace. We arrived outside the palace and the first thing that we experienced was a mob of Indians that came over to us to sell over-inflated merchandises. They try to sell like a paper fan for 500Rs, which is around £7. Ok that might not sound like a lot, but in India that is one hell of a lot of money for a paper fan that didn’t even work properly. But anyway, back to the palace.

The palace which you can see above is spectacular. It was built around the 1890s and I think it was the first place in southern India to have electricity. Well I am kinda bad at remembering stuff so don’t quote me on tha…