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Welcome to WebV3!

Hello and welcome to the new version of my site. As you can see it is a complete redesign and I think it looks great, I would say that wouldn't I. So what's new? Well there is a new comments section for my blog which means that now you can comment on my entry.

Also there is a new photo engine which should improve the experience of viewing photos. but as of yet it is still playing up on me, so I have temporary disable it, but it will be up very soon.

Anyway, the main reason for this update is so that I would be able to update my blog easier, which means more entries...

Anyway, I have been busy trying to set up a computer, which has the new Windows Vista. Vista is well nothing outstanding, but it does boot up a hell of a lot quicker than XP, anyway, there was something wrong with the PC and I had to take it back to PC world today. Such a hassle. This computer isn't even for me, it is for my brother, and I only get a chance to bring it to him on the weekend coming, so I have to …

It's the end of Harry Potter

Finished reading the last few pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night (actually, 4am in the morning), and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised that the book was actually quite good. It wasn't as direr as Order of the Phoenix or as draggy as the Half Blood Prince but it wasn't as good as the first 3-4 books. Actually there isn't anyway that this book could have been better than those books, it is just impossible.

The first book, was just magical and took your breath away, and the Prisoners of Azkaban was by far the best book, but the last was worth reading. There were parts in the middle that you wish that J.K. Rowling would just skip and get to the part where Harry met his final encounter with the Dark Lord. But after the bit where Harry was at Bill's and Fleur's place it got interesting and this was the part where you just couldn't put the book down. Actually I should say when they were at Malfoy's place... yeah there, it got interesting…