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Finished Dissertation, YES!!!

It has been a long time since I last updated, but it has just been so busy these couple of weeks. Today I have finally completed my dissertation for my uni degree. I have written the documentation, sorted all that needs to be printed ready for me to hand in tomorrow. In my honest opinion, the project has gone like clockwork with no delays and I am pretty happy that it has finally finished. Now I will be able to enjoy the unseasonable warm weather that we have been having... But still got to revise before my final exams which starts just little over 3 weeks time.

Also I got a job at Infosys! I had the interview in mid-march time. The interview went pretty ok... it was a bit weird though since the interviewer was not going to make the final decision on whether I will get the job or not. Instead a manual script of the interview will be sent to India, where I will be sent, where the people who will be training me will make the decision. After 4 weeks, I got a call saying I got it.

The train…