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Let it snow!!!

Take a look at some of the photos that I have taken from my house when it was snowing a few days ago, actually it was yesterday.. lol...

Also, I have put up the new year photos. Just go to the photo section. If you are using version 3, please go back to version 2 to see it. I am planning to put more photos on soon.

I am still alive...

Now this must have been the worse stretch of time since I haven't updated my website. 30th November 2006 was the last time I posted and now it is January 22nd 2007. That is like 50+ days man!!! So what have you missed in the life of me (lol). Well the first thing you have missed is my websites birthday. It is now 2 years old, well it was, but now it is much older, lol. I also missed Christmas and also New years.

Now I will try to give a brief updated on what I have done since November. Well the first thing I have to note is that my cousin, Ching Ling (Ciara) came to the UK and basically camped at my house for a few weeks. I think she spent around 3-4 weeks in the UK, where she also went to Paris, but not with me but with some of her friends. She left yesterday, and her flight took a total of 30 hours. Actually, she should have arrived like 3 hours ago. LOL.. that’s how long the flight was.

Actually, if you have been staying tuned to my YouTube page, erm, I put the link somewhere on …