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Happy Bday to ME!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... happy birthday to happy birthday day tooooooo you. HAHHA, yeah my website is now 1 year old. WOOHOO. I can't believe it has been a year since I set up this site. It has gone through one major change and also a colour change but it is still the same thing, reporting on my life, well I hope I have been doing that. Does my site need to make a wish... hell why not... but the website cannot say what it has wished for since it will be bad luck. HAHA... So what is in plan for this website for the next year, well I am hoping to change this website a lot, and I am planning something special, but again I am not sure that my web server can do it so I may need to buy one, and also my website could changing its name... hehe... but that is later, much much later when I have time on my hands to waste.

So reporting on what I did, which is the main purpose of this website... yesterday I went out for a end of term lunch in an Indian re…

ARGH; Fog!

The other day, I found myself scared of fog. You must be saying what the hell is this kid on... but what happened was I was travelling back on the train from my hard days work at uni. In the morning it was very foggy and you couldn't see anything out of the window, but that didn't scare me. As I was travelling back, it had brighten up and there was no fog, and there was a brilliant red winter sun shining and making everything around golden, rich and warm. But as I left one station, a massive cloud of mist came and you couldn't see anything. The sun that was brilliantly shining had disappeared and it the rich surroundings had now turned dark, gloomy, depressing and you couldn't see anything. At first I thought there was a building on fire and that smoke from it was causing this. I was kinda frightened at the time since in all my years living in England, I had never experience this. It felt like at the time being in those old English drama set in London where everything …

LSE must pay!!!

OH MY GOD. Last Friday, my University, King's College London was attack by LSE (London School of Economics). What happened was that LSE were having their annual "15 hours drinking day" and apparently, about 10 hours in or so, 200 LSE students thought, yeah lets go to King's and trash the place. Well that's what they did and caused £30,000 worth of damage. I haven't actually seen the damage but it happened in the English Department area, and I don't study English... so hehe. But I can't believe that happen. We should go over to LSE and give them one... lol.

What else to report on, nothing really, I have done all my homework for this semester and now it is down to revision, so I won't be updating this site as much. And also, I have been playing Pro Evolution 5 too much. I should stop playing it a bit, but it is so damm good man. I can't put it down. ARGH.

Also, I have added another book to my book section, so go look at it if you want to, and also…

December is here

Wow, in the first week of December already, only 21 days to Christmas. How time flies now a days. Well a few weeks ago, I reported that it was getting colder here, but for some reason, it is warming up again... and also I read in the news paper that global warming is in fact making the UK colder, instead of warmer. I was like what the f*** when I read this, but this is due to the warm waters we usually get from the south of the Atlantic Ocean and apparently over the 12 years, the temperature of this warm water is getting colder. The reason for this is that Antarctica is melting and causing the water to rise and therefore heat is dispersed. Something like that, not actually too sure.

Going away from this, on Thursday I had dinner in this Japanese restaurant because it was, Kiet's birthday. It was an all you can eat thing, and there was a conveyer belt and you just take the plates you want to eat. I was quite disappointing. I only ate like 12-15 plates, and unlike some people who wer…