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From malayisa baby!

Hey everyone form Malaysia... I finally got some time to update my website after 4 weeks... well considering all my cousins are sleeping now since... well they always do lazy gits... but now it is coming up to 6pm malaysia time.

Erm... so what have I been up to in malaysia... ok.. lets try to remember it. The first week that I was here.. I stayed in my kinda second home in a place called Segamat. It is pretty small town but it isn't too bad. So during that first week I just hanged out with my cousins and met some of their friends which was cool... But yeah it was kinda quiet during the first week but sometimes I like quiet :)

The second week I then went to penang... or the malay spelling pinang... it is in the north west of mainland malaysia. There I spent a few nights with my uncle and aunty which was nice but something terrible happened to my aunty. I wasn't there since I was with my friends... but she got robbed and her hand bag was stolen when a biker and another guy took it…