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About Me
Name - Richard Tan
What are you doing at the moment? - Working in a investment bank as a self employed contractor. In Information Technology

About The Site

When was this site created?
It was first published to the net on 17th December 2004 at 13:34 British time. Actually it was created a bit before then, but no one could see it... lol (was stored on my computer). Version 2 was created on 27th March 2005, Version 3 was released on the 7th August 2007 and Version 4 was release on 17th January 2010. Notice the 7 connection :)

Why was it created?
Well, thanks to my friends who hassled me to produce a web page, this was created... lol. Actually it is quite nice to have this so when I am old and nearly dying, I can come back and read up on things that I have done.

What experience do you have in web designing?
Started to design pages in Year 7, I think that was in 1997 or 1998 lol. Can't remember. Inspired by my cousin in Australia, who I actually haven't seen in pe…


This is the place where I will chuck things in that I do not know where to put on my website. So hopefully this will fill up soon, but it looks like it isn't yet...
Fire Alarm
What is this... well it is a collection of dates and times on when there have been a fire alarm in my accommodation at Stamford Street. The reason I have made this page is because I am fed up on the amount of times the fire alarm has been set off, and it will be interesting to see how many will be set off until I leave this place.
My University Result
What is this... well it is my collection of the results I achieved when studying at King's College London. I thought I would copy and paste here so that I will always have the results with me, and also show of to everyone, LOL.

Random -> Fire Alarm

This section is just a record of the fire alarms at Stamford Street Appartments starting from the 29th January 2005. Before this date, these must have been over 30 alarms in Stamford Street and I just want to keep a record of it for fun... lol. So the below gives the date and time of the fire alarms going off. Saturday 29th January 2005 - 17:05 GMT
Tuesday 2nd February 2005 - 22:07 GMT
Tuesday 22nd February 2005 - 09:42 GMT
Friday 4th March 2005 - 06:23 GMT
Monday 14th March 2005 - 21:19 GMT
Monday 25th April 2005 - 16:15 GMT (17:15 BST)
Thursday 28th April 2005 - 14:10 GMT (15:10 BST)
Wednesday 4th May 2005 - 21:29 GMT (22:29 BST)
Tuesday 10th May 2005 - 13:43 GMT (14:43 BST)That's it... no more updates to this since I no longer stay in Stamford Street... conclusion... virtually everyone in Stamford Street, including me are stupid... really, setting of this many alarms.. …

Random -> My University Results

This section is a record of my results I got when studying Computer Science with Management at King's College London. The scoring grades are as follows. 70+ is an A, 60-69 is a B, 50-59 is a C, 40-49 is a D and anything under 40 is a Fail. Overall I achieved an first class with honours.
First year
CS1CS1 - Computer Systems I - 78
CS1CS2 - Computer Systems II - 93
CS1DST - Data Structures - 77
CS1FC1 - Foundation of Computing I - 88
CS1PR1 - Programing I - 90
CS1PR2 - Programing II - Human Computer Interaction - 77
SMN110 - Economics - 66
SMN129 - Organisational Behaviour - 71
Second year
CS02DB - Database Systems - 89
CS2CNN - Computer Communications and Networking - 91
CS2OSC - Operating Systems and Concurrency - 90
CS2PLD - Programming Language Design Parameters - 95
CS2SAP - Software Architecture and Patterns - 81
CS2SPE - System Implementation - Group Project - 80